School Blocks

Our campus is meticulously planned and artistically constructed. It is beautifully designed, in grooming our students. To facilitate learning our inverted ‘U’ shaped school building, houses as many as 22 Blocks namely,

1. S.V.S. Murugammal Memorial Science Lab.
2. M.Arunchunai Nadar Block.
3. Perianayaki Ammal Block
4. Selvi Shenbagadevi Sankar Memorial Block.
5. Kamudhi A. Mahalinga Moorthy Memorial Block.
6. M.S.P.K. Periyasamy Nadar- Dhamayanthiammal Block.
7. Savithri Selvarajan Block.
8. A.V.P. Aasai Thambi Memorial Block.
9. Parent – Teacher’s Association Kalai Arangam
10. T.S.T. Rajaa – Thillaiammal Block.
11. A.M.Gurusamy Nadar- Kasiammal Block.
12. Silver Jubilee Block.
13. Nagamani Block.
14. T.A.M.A. Marimuthu Nadar Memorial Block.
15. K.C.S. Kasi Nadar Memorial Block.
16. Thiru. Aru. Sankarlingam Block
17. V.M. Palaniappar – Mariammal Block.
18. V.K.N Thangarajan Memorial Block.
19. T.S.T.R. Chandramohan – Meenambikai Block.
20. A. Lakshmi Narayanan – L. Padmavathy Ammal Block.
21. Home Science Laboratory.
22. Conference Hall


Well lit and built with centralised Air Condition facility, Our Conference Hall has been provided with a L.C.D projector, to equip learning with the aid of modern technology.


Our class rooms are spacious and ventilated, catering to the safety and security of the students, with adequate furniture , display board and intercom facility.


The pride of our school is our palatial library, which is unique in its nature. It has more than 12,000 books in its stocks, on various subjects. It has umpteen numbers of reputed journals, periodicals, several dailies and Educational CDs in its proud possession. Excellent reference books and question banks are also available for the benefit of the students. The books are arranged and classified accordingly. Students borrow books from the library, read at home and return them. If required extension of time, is also granted.


Communication Facilities

A pay phone has been installed exclusively for students use, in case of urgency. Fax, Email and Internet facilities are also available. Use of cell phone is prohibited inside the campus.

Mineral water Plant

No more water bottles to the school. Every child has an access to clean and uncontaminated drinking water through the water plant installed inside the premises. R.O. System in the staff-room provides purified hot and cold drinking water to quench the thirst of the teaching community.

Medical care

Sound mind in a sound body is an ancient adage. To enable unhindered learning, students are ensured with regular eye and leprosy checkup camps.

Safety and Security

Having in mind the safety of the students, a close circuit T.V (surveillance camera) in the Headmistress’ room adds beauty to the immaculate posh corner and helps the head of the institution, have a clear view on al corridors, front gate and the street besides. The surveillance camera helps to maintain discipline and ensure high level security. To lift up our collors, we are proud to day that our school, is one of the schools to have bio-metric device, to register the attendance of the staff.


The presence of red cylindrical canisters on all corridors assures safety from fire and to avoid any untoward accidents.


One can witness a long queue of students, during break time, satisfying their appetite with crunchy bites and munchy snacks.


This institution has yet another chance , of feeling proud of having an indoor stadium for Table Tennis. Its Charm lies in its glossy wooden flooring where healthy competition – Open tournament is being held year after year since 2003. Every year sponsorship is given by Thiru. V.M. Vijayakumar and Thiru. V.M. Yogarajan. duo.

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