“A teacher teaches

A good teacher explains

A best teacher inspires”

The School fondly remembers the four recipients of Dr.Radha Krishnan Award by the State Government for their meritorious services.
1 . Mrs.N.Gnanasoundari M.A., B.T , former Headmistress ,

who laid the foundation stone on which this Institution stands , in the year 1990-1991.

2 . Mrs. Lucy Chandrasekaran B.Sc.,[M.Sc-N.C.E.R.T] P.G.Asst in Botany ,

an expertise in her field , in the year 1994-1995.

3 . Mrs . K.Radhabai ,M.A.,M.Ed., former Headmistress ,

a strict disciplinarian , an efficient administrator, in the year 2003-2004.

4.Mrs.D.Nirmala Rani,M.Ed.,MPhil., current Headmistress,

being an amicable academician, a silent yet vibrant performer and humane administrator, the receipient of  “Best Teacher “ Award given by Chennai District Collector, 2015 and “Tamil Nadu Government’s Dr.Radhakrishnan Best Teacher Award” ,2015.  
Mrs . K.Radhabai ,M.A.,M.Ed.,  

5. BEST TEACHER AWARD – Headmistress K.Sasikala, M.Sc.,M.Ed.,

“Success comes to those who dream big”

1996 – Guide S.P.Lavanya got President Award from his Excellency Mr.Sankar Dayal Sharma
2000 – J.Geetha won the Oratorical Competition , “Talk your way to Japan” and was honoured on an Educational Tour to Japan for two weeks

2005 – Think Canada – All India Drawing Contest conducted by Canadian High Commission , K.Gitambika’s entry was displayed at the Indian Habitat Centre , Delhi. C.Bhavani Devi won the first gold medal for the State of Tamil Nadu in Fencing Event.


The triumphant and glorious achievement of our student , Selvi S.Sasikala was , bagging the top most rank – STATE FIRST in STD X , Board Examination , in the year 1998 – 1999 . It will be cherished ever in the annals of our school.

She was highly privileged to receive the prize , from none other than our honourable chief minister , Selvi J.Jayalalitha.
“If you start your course , with all your force
Every source of nature
Will turn toward and help us
To achieve your true success”

Our joy knew no bounds , when Selvi M.Aparajitha excelled in her STD X Public Examination performance , when she secured STATE SECOND in the year , 2000 – 2001.

“Life has no limit , so does success”

Our student R.Irish Evangeline secured STATE THIRD in STD X Board Examination in TAMIL , in the academic year 2006 – 2007.This historic achievement will be ever green , in our memoriesWe did achieve the impossible , by securing STATE RANKS in optional subjects too, namely Home Science , Childcare , Nutrition and Dietetics , Psychology ,History and Geography.
1988 -1989 Home Science Second Rank 
1989 – 1990 Advanced Tamil First Rank 
1989 – 1990 Child care (Practical) Third Rank 
1990 – 1991 Home Science Second Rank      
1991 -1992 Child care & Nutrition (Theory) First Rank 
1991 -1992 Psychology Third Rank 
1993 -1994 Psychology Second Rank 
1994 – 1995 Psychology First Rank 
1995 – 1996 Psychology Third Rank 
1995 – 1996 Child care & Nutrition Third Rank 
1998 – 1999 Child care & Nutrition First Rank   
Dietetics & Nutrition Third Rank 
1999 – 2000 Dietetics,Nutrition & Food Preparation First Rank 
2000 – 2001 Psychology First Rank     Third Rank 
2002 – 2003 History First Rank 
2004 – 2005 Dietetics,Nutrition & Food Preparation First Rank     
Second Rank     Third Rank   Psychology Second Rank 
2005 – 2006 Geography Third Rank 
2013 – 2014 History Third Rank 
2015 – 2016 Total Marks District First, Second & Third S.S.L.C
1998 – 1999 TOTAL MARKS State First   TAMIL First Rank   
SCIENCE First Rank 
2000 – 2001 TOTAL MARKS State Second   ENGLISH Second Rank 
2006 – 2007 TAMIL Third Rank 
2013 – 2014 TOTAL MARKS District Third       

We feel proud to state that we achieved cent percent result in STD X Board Exams for the three consecutive years , which is indeed a Himalayan victory.Our school reached another milestone by sending 372 girl students for Std XII Board Exam , in the year 2009 – 2010 and obtained cent percent result .This record was indeed broken by our previous achievement in the year 1997 – 1998 with regard to number of students sent. We lift our heads high as ours is one of the schools which sends large number of students and gets centum which is again a rare anecdote to cherish.

Our success story , continues…

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