Consumer Club

Consumer Club was started on 29-11-08 to spread awareness about Consumerism among the people through school children with the motto of Arise! Awake! Act!. Every year 50 students with a teacher coordinator conducts various activities on first Thursday of every month. Students participate in various competitions and win prizes with the great support from the management and our headmistress. The list of messages given by our students to create consumer awareness is:

► To buy what you need 
► To buy products by checking the expiry date. 
► To see the M.R.P. rate 
► To ask for Guarantee card 
► To get the bill for the purchase of products 
► To check the silk mark symbol, Hallmark for gold 
► To check the ISI mark for cylinder, Electrical Appliances etc.,
► Use sustainably the water resources, electricity and domestic gas.
► To buy medicine with the doctor’s prescription.

Achievements added to our Consumer Club activities are :

Students continuously win prizes and certificates including cash prize by participating in various competitions conducted by Consumer Association of India, Civil Supplies Department and in National Consumer Day Celebrations.

Members of Consumer Club also participate in various seminars. Organized by colleges around the city.

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